North Texas Spec Ops Advantage

NTXSOA consists of an elite team of highly trained special operations instructors committed to educating and training individuals/groups on a variety of survival solutions, proven to increase your chances of surviving a hostile encounter and decrease your chances of becoming a victim.  
We are a one-stop training solution.  Texas LTC certification, Basic and Advanced Handgun training, Long Gun Training, Self-Defense, Physical Conditioning, Home Protection, Crime Prevention, Situational Awareness Training,  Threat Recognition and Tactical Threat Mitigation.

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Train, Protect, Defend

Train, Protect, Defend! LLC is dedicated to provide safe, effective firearms training to those who want to learn. Our Instructors are Certified NRA and Texas License To Carry instructors, with over 20 years experience using firearms personally and professionally. Training is held in the Denton TX area.

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