407 Gun Club


here at 407 gun club we offer many LUXURIES that you can't get at your TYPICAL gun range...

  • All shooting suites are climate controlled and our air evacuation system is capable turning over air every two minutes. 
  • All of our doors are controlled by magnetic door locks so only the RSO can enter your shooting suite.
  • Bullseye target system eliminates the need for a spotting scope and enables you to electronically save your targets to show off at a later time. Use our device or download the bullseye target manager app on your device for your convenience. (100 yd lanes only)
  • Our facility has an intercom system for your convenience while shooting, should you need assistance. 
  • We have security cameras in all shooting areas in order to monitor your safety.
  • Fire detection systems will automatically release all door locks when activated.
  • You will fire your weapon through giant felt lined suppressors constructed of 2 layers of 3/16 steel filled with sound absorbing material, protecting you from percussion brass and any unseen incident in your shoot suite.
  • Our wood covered steel wing walls will provide safety and prevent casings from entering your area. 
  • Lanes are equip with a sliding bench top to comfortably position yourself in your shooting suite.
  • Your will find a target retrieval system with each shooting lane.